Punching Tools:

Punching tools are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, to adapt to  the specific machines for  any specific job. Punching tool materials are selected to suit the punching conditions, such as the production quantity, work pieces, and lubrication.

Remitek specializes in CNC Punch Press Toolings for Amada, Trumpf , LVD, Prima, Murata and many more.

Key Features:

  • Available in Standard and Air Blow types
  • M2 tool steel exclusively
  • Single head and tool rail (Trumpf) design or multi-tool turret design.
  • Easy Use and guaranteeing simple setup.
  • High impact resistance and toughness, and high fatigue strength

Press Brake Tools:

Remitek Solutions is the proficient provider of high quality press brake tools meeting all your bending requirements. We provide rich selection of standard and specialized customized tools (punches and dies, hemming sets, stamps, punchholders, die holders, adapters, die inserts, radius tooling etc.).

We are the brand supplier of Brand tooling with C45 and 42CRM04

Key Features:

  • Range of vertical removable tooling in single tools or complete tooling sets
  • Long production life
  • High quality, wear-resistant and durable
  • Targeted and efficient service.


  • Complete Tooling Kits

Specialised tools supporting most of the used press brake machines in the world.

CBN Grinding Wheel:

Remitek Solutions delivers TOGU -III created to assist the grinding process and to considerably reduce the loss in production time and will help every customer obtain the highest quality of grinding.

Togu 3- CBN Wheel For Amada Machine for Light Grinding


  • Round shaped used in Amada Die punch grinder machine

Key Features:

  • Very Tough Abrasive
  • Free Cutting
  • Hard and Friable
  • Long Life

Laser Marking Machine:

Laser Series fiber laser marking machine also known as  Fiber laser engraving machine are used to make permanent marks and engraving on all types of metals. Their  most common uses are high speed laser etching stainless steel, aluminum, iron marking, etc. It is important to note that Fiber Laser Marking machines are different from laser cutter machines.

Remitek Solutions offers many types of high quality metal laser engravers series for sale. The main features of our machines are low maintenance, less consumables, stability, and long working life(100,000 hours).


It can be used in the marking of translucent plastic buttons, IC chips, digital product components, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring and cutting tools, clocks and eyeglasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile communications components, automobile and motorcycle parts, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials, pipes and other high-precision products.

Key Features:

  • It adopts the most advanced fiber laser and high-speed scanning galvanometer system
  • It has an overall small size, excellent beam quality, high reliability, long service life and maintenance free.