A chamfering machine is a machine that can cut the transition edge between two faces on an object. Sometimes chamfering is defined as a form of bevel, and it is usually processed at a 45 degree angle between two adjacent right-angle faces.


Chamfering machines are commonly used in metal processing, carpentry, furniture manufacturing, concrete formwork, and printed circuit boards. Chamfering helps the assembly of mechanical components, providing a well-designed structure and shape.


Key Features:

  • Beveling Machine Comes With An AC Induction Motor Or Brush Less DC Motor Which Offers Longer Durability, Low Noise, And High Torque.
  • The Milling Angle Is Adjustable From 0° To 60° With A Maximum Cutting Width Of 23mm.
  • The Zero Degrees Setting Is Perfect For Facing Off Operations.
  • The Two-In-One Base Plate Design Allows Both Standard Beveling And Pipe Beveling Ranging From 150mm To 350mm.
  • The Switch Between The Two Modes Is Fast And Easy: All It Takes Is To Adjust The Rollers. (There Is Also An Optional Base Plate For Beveling Larger Diameter Pipes From 300mm Up To 600mm).